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Student Guide

All technodog students are expected to have read and understood this guide in its entirety

Safety Protocols

Important. Important. Important. All students are expected to adhere to the Technodog's Safety Policy and Procedures. Each student must read and understand the following guide and commit to its policies and to take action when witnessing violations to the policy.


One of your top obligations is to maintain an engaged and respectful communication with your peers, mentors, and coaches. The communication tools and policies are designed for you to hear and also be heard. You are required to be signed up and have the apps for the following tools:

  • Slack is your primary tool for listening to whats happening on the team and communicating with your
    specific group and the team as a whole. A majority of team discussions will occur in Slack.
  • Remind will deliver very important time sensitive alerts. It is a one way communication path from the
    leaders of the team to you. Example: “The Bus is Leaving in 10 minutes”

Robotics Team Participation Requirements


The Team #3707 - the Brighton TechnoDog Robotics Team is considered a high school competitive sport. Students can earn their varsity letter through active participation on the team. Although, First Robotics is considered an academic sport, the robotics team will utilize the same minimum grade point requirements for participation. The FIRST Robotics Build Season is very time demanding for students, it is important that our team members maintain their grades. If a team member’s participation is interfering with their academics; the student should not hesitate to have a conversation with one of the coaches or a mentor to address the concern.

Attendance, Participation and Varsity Letter Requirements

An active and engaged student will typically earn their varsity letter through two years of active participation. For the team to run efficiently, attendance and prompt arrival for all mandatory team meetings is necessary. If a conflict does arise communication is key - please inform the coaches and your sub team mentors prior to the meetings so planned tasks can be modified if necessary. Any unexcused absence will result lowering of the student’s earned points by 5 points.

FIXME Varsity Letters will be awarded once a student has earned 210 points, 30 of which must come from participating in outreach or community service events.

Varsity Letter Point Calculation:

Uniform and Behavior Expectations

Uniform Expectations

The Brighton TechnoDogs enjoy support from our School District, Local Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, family and friends. Sponsors benefit from the exposure they can receive with their Logo on the back of our Uniform shirts, Trailer, PIT, Robot, Robot Cart and Website. Whenever our students are representing the team at an event, it is very important that they wear their uniform shirt and refrain from wearing non-team gear over team gear. If the student must wear non- team gear – please have them wear it under the team shirt. It is very important that we represent Brighton Schools, Team 3707 and our Sponsors.
Our students will have 3 Team Shirts; one for each day of competition. Competitions run Thursday – Saturday. The team uniform (shirts) are covered by the Robotics Team Participation fee. Typical Uniform requirements for Competition Events:

  1. Thursday- Black Shirt with Orange Font (Does not include sponsors as this shirt is obtained before sponsors are finalized and is used pre-competitive season).
  2. Friday- Competition Themed Shirt with Sponsors (Example: 2018 – 2019 – theme is Space)
  3. Saturday- Orange Team Shirt with Sponsors

The students, families and friends will also be given an opportunity to purchase additional team wear such as sweatshirts, ¼ zip jackets, hats etc.

Dress code for team meetings and build events:

Brighton High School dress code will be enforced. For reasons of safety, there are the following additions to the school dress code:

  • Closed toe shoes are required in the shop.
  • Hair must be pulled back when working on machines.
  • Loose clothing and jewelry may not be worn in the shop while working on machinery. (Form-fitting watches are permitted)
  • Students will wear pants or school appropriate shorts at all Build Sessions and Team Meetings.
  • Students must wear their safety glasses at all times in the shop.
Spirit Wear Purchase Opportunities

The uniform shirts are covered by the students’ team participation fee. Additional shirts can be purchased for a fee. In the past, we have had the students respond to an online form. It is very important that they pay attention to the emails and alerts and fill out the forms correctly and by the deadline. For example, make sure the student orders the correct size (Adult not child) and places an order for all the team shirts they required. The Business mentors will attempt to verify the orders, however if the order is placed directly with the supplier via a website, it can be difficult to correct mistakes.
Friends and family may also order spirit wear. This is a great way to show support for the Brighton TechnoDogs and your student. You will likely be surprised how many people you know that are involved with FIRST Programs.

Kensington Valley – Spirit Wear

Our Team Logo is available in digitized form at Kensington Valley. This was done to provide an opportunity for our team and supporters to shop locally and get our team logo embroidered on business casual clothing or specialty items. You may bring in a pre-purchased garment to get embroidered, or purchase on from their catalogs. In the past team members and families have purchased Hats, Polo shirts and Oxford shirts.

Behavior Expectations

Please remember, when you are wearing your uniform or are known as a Brighton Robotics Team member, your behavior is a reflection not only of you, but of the entire team. Please be sure to keep this in mind. FIRST Robotics is a great organization to be involved with. There are wonderful opportunities to learn in a professional environment, including being mentored by Teachers, Business, Industry and Engineering Professionals. There are abundant opportunities to earn scholarships for college and to build long lasting relationships. Please conduct yourself in a manner that you, your team mates, family and friends can be proud of.
All team members must be familiar with, sign and turn into the Coaches, the Technodogs Code of Conduct Form.


As a robotics student and participant in FIRST …

How Do I?

Notify coaches of an upcoming absence

Notify Team of Dietary Restrictions

Ensure my contribution is noticed

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