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Welcome to The TechnoDogs Wiki


This wiki will continue to grow and harvest every detail of the steps, leaps, and stumbles that are the stuff of the team you see today. This is your one-stop shop for everything TechnoDogs, along with an evolving knowledge base to assist students, parents and mentors in building robots and thriving in the FIRST environment.


This knowledge base is editable by each member of the team. It is a place to learn but also a place to teach. As you learn, create, and solve problems, tell us about it. Impart your knowledge so that we are always progressing making each build season more productive, more powerful, and more fun.


Encourage your students to read and contribute to our growing understanding of the technologies of today and tomorrow and please do so yourself. If you find this wiki lacking, let us know, for the purpose is to acclimate newcomers to the program quickly and easily. We also want to dispel any notion that Robotics and Technology are difficult or out of reach. Anyone can do it, and we will, together, as one of the coolest robotics teams ever to join FIRST.


For aspiring and seasoned mentors, this is the place to learn the ropes and catalog what you have learned. Your participation is essential to getting students at the reigns as much as possible. The shifting and expanding technologies in this field require us to be more diligent than ever at documenting our efforts so that we do not needlessly struggle with the same old obstacles. Each successive generation of students will be grateful for the information and guidance that you can deliver through this site.

Let's Learn ...

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