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Team General Organization and Structure


How a team is organized is essential to its success and the overall value provided to each student. Structure is a living thing that changes and evolves from year to year. The thought and discussion that goes into our team's structure is copious and continuous. Students are heavily involved in the decisions that ultimately form the structure of the team in any given year. A compliment to team structure is the persistent roles for students and adults (Coaches, Mentors, Volunteers, etc) and the roles created by the current structure (Captains, Team leads, Assistant leads, etc).

Organizational Structure By Season

Recurring Individual Roles

There are a few roles for adults that we expect to roll over from year to year. They are basic roles that have general but clear expectations which we talk about below. Adults in one of these roles may have specific responsibilities, like say, a Volunteer that focuses on meals for the team. How we deal with the specifics will change a little from year to year and the guide to properly fulfilling those roles will be found in the sections of the wiki that share our knowledge about those categories (for the example sited, the information would be in Nourishment).


Learn more in our Coach's Guide.


Learn more in our Mentor Guide.


Learn more in our Volunteer Guide.


Parents do have role to play in the success of the team …
To learn more of what we ask of our Technodog's Parents please visit the Parent Guide.


Finally to the reason we are all here: the Students. The guidelines and expectations for the students are the most important of the team. Each season is really a giant effort to support our students' growth in understanding and taking on the challenges of the world they are in. Robotics is a special type of team where students have the opportunity to breakthrough with empowering new skills and to do so in areas that they find interesting and even love. Learn more in the Technodog's Student Guide.

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