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Brighton Technodog's Mission Statement

The TechnoDogs’ mission is to engage students in STEM fields by exposing them to mentor guided, student led activities. This enables students to build skills and gives them valuable experience in the fields of engineering and business. We inspire youth to become leaders, innovators and support friendly competition. We strive for sustainability and financial soundness by practicing responsibility.

The Brighton TechnoDogs participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an annual challenge in which teams are tasked with creating a robot capable of conquering obstacles, scoring match and ranking points specific to the game. The game changes every year. The first weekend in January FIRST releases the new game; teams have six weeks to design, build, and program their robots. After the six weeks are up, the teams attend two or three district competitions where 40 teams put their robots and the skills of their drive team to the test.

Our Robotics team has divided the required team participation into “4 seasons” throughout the year. Pre-Season (Sept – Dec), Build Season (January – February), FIRST Robotics Competition Season (March – April) and Off Season (May – August). During the Off Season, the team prepares the returning members for the next year, encouraged students to participate in technical summer camps, hosts and participates in outreach events, building relationships within the community.

Team Information
Number 3707
Name TechnoDogs
Location Brighton, Michigan
School Brighton High School
Founded 2011
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