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BHS Robotics Team Application

 Student Name _______________________________________ Email ________________________________________
 Home Phone _________________________________________ Cell Phone (texting) _________________________
 Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________
 Birth Date ________/________/________ Grade ______
 Medical Insurance Company _________________________________________________________________________
 Insr # ____________________________________________________________________________________________
 Parent/Guardian Name _______________________________ Parent/Guardian Phone ________________________
 Parent/Guardian Email _____________________________________________________________________________

Student Commitment
Participation in FIRST Robotics requires a large commitment. To be a member of the team you must:

  • Attend all mandatory in-season working sessions in January and February.
  • Attend all District Competitions.
  • Participate with a positive attitude.
  • Keep up grades and attendance at school.

An invitation to attend the Championship competition and the Regional competition MUST BE EARNED by participating as outlined above, plus completion of a set of mandatory but flexible activities.

I have read and completed the BHS Robotics Team Application. I understand that if I wish to attend any of the competitions, I will be required to earn that privilege by participation in the activities mentioned above.

 Student Signature ______________________________________________ Date ________/________/________

I have reviewed this application with my child and understand the commitment that will be required. I agree to have my child participate on the BHS Robotics Team.

 Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________ Date ________/________/________

NOTE: There is a $200 Team Participation Fee due January 6th 2020. Grants are available to students that need help paying this fee (see one of the coaches for more information). This fee is needed to help offset some of the competition entry fees and build cost. We rely on corporate sponsor donations — the overall cost for this program exceeds $50,000—$100,000 annually. Additional transportation and lodging fees may be incurred. Checks should be made payable to “BAS Robotics

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