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Step 1 - Log in to FIRST Inspires

Step 2 - Select the Parent / Guardian – Youth tab

Note: Our team is 3707

Step 3 - Your Child's Forms

This is what it looks like for one of our veteran Mentors - Mary-Margaret Whitley – If your son or daughter is already associated with you – you will find them listed below (You can see her son Jack listed here). If your son or daughter is not listed here – go on to Step 3a otherwise go to step 4.

Step 3a - My child is missing (if your child is listed go to step 4)

Select Add a Youth You should now see an empty form – simply fill out the form fully – From Youth Profile through to Consent and Release. YOU ARE DONE - No need to do any more Steps. Please let the Coaches know if you have any issues

Step 4 - Your Child is Listed

(If you did Step 3a fully then you do not need to do this. You are done).

Select Youth Options – in the pull down select Youth’s Consent and Release

The Youth and Consent form will pull up – you need to open these links, read and agree to the consent. BOTH Consent forms need to be complete for you to be “done” with this task. You can see that Mrs. Whitley has completed the task 12/17/2017

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