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Brighton Robotics - A history

The Brighton Robotics Team – FIRST Robotics Team #3707 was founded in 2011 with the name of Brighton Untied Geeks (aka BUG). The team consisted of 7 students and 1 mentor. They competed in the game Logo Motion” in two district competitions, winning the Highest Rookie Seed Award at the Waterford District and the Rookie Inspiration Award at the Ann Arbor Robotics District event.

Three years later, the Robotics team had grown to 26 students with 9 active mentors. The team transformed from an activity club, to recognition as a Varsity Sport. The School board formalize their recognition as FIRST Robotics as a Varsity Sport for the Mind in »»». Active students are able to earn a full varsity letter with their participation. The Robotics team was renamed to the Brighton TechnoDogs in 2016 to align more closely with the school district. The team continues to benefit from strong School District support.

2011 Season

Our team was formed in 2011 and named the Brighton United Geeks (BUG). The FRC challenge in 2011, Logo Motion, required the robot to place inflatable rubber rings on targets. The team competed in two meets and received the “Highest Rookie Seed Award” at the Waterford District Event and the “Rookie Inspiration Award” at the Ann Arbor District Event.

2012 Season

In Rebound Rumble, the robot had to throw basketballs at various targets. The team competed at the Northville and Livonia district events.

2013 Season

In Ultimate Ascent, our robot had to shoot a Frisbee into various goals and climb a pyramid. We also assisted a local rookie team, the SCOTS BOT from Howell. Our team competed at the Bedford District Event and at Kettering University in Flint, where we reached the semi-finals.

2014 Season

Our team grew from ten students to 26 students and nine engineering mentors. The competition was Aerial Assist, a basketball/soccer type game in which robots assisted each other to get exercise balls through goals and outscore the opponents. We competed in Howell and Waterford, where we were selected for an alliance in the qualifying round.

2015 Season

Our team continued to grow, with over 30 students on the roster. In Recycle Rush, the robot had to stack as many storage totes and recycling cans as possible in as little time as possible. We attended meets in Waterford and Lansing. At the Waterford competition, our alliance came in first place.

2016 Season

During our first several pre-season meetings, we decided on a new team name. Our team, no longer BUG, is now the TechnoDogs. This year's game, FIRST Stronghold, required the robot to cross various defenses and shoot boulders into goals on the opponent's castle. Our alliance made it to the quarterfinals at the Howell event. At the Kettering University event, we won the “Industrial Safety Award” and our alliance came in first place. We qualified for the Michigan State Championship, and finished 80th out of 102 teams.

2017 Season

In FIRST STEAMWORKS, our robot was required to help prepare an “airship” for a race. This involved collecting fuel and scoring it in the boiler, and collecting gears to place on the airship to turn rotors. At the end of each match, the robots climbed aboard the airship. At the Southfield District Competition, we ranked 16 out of 40 teams in the qualification matches and were picked by the eighth seeded alliance for the playoffs. At the Howell District Competition, we ranked 26th out of 39 teams in the qualification matches and were picked by the seventh seeded alliance for the playoffs. Our team nominated mentor Dan DeLisle for the Woodie Flowers Award, which celebrates an individual who has done an outstanding job of motivation through communication.

2018 Season - Power Up

The 2017-2018 season began with … Once the season rounded out we were 47 students strong with 22 mentors as supporting staff. The team diversified our sponsor base, invigorated our outreach activities and renewed focus on the Business functions of the team. This is also the season where the Livingston County Robotics Alliance was formed.

2019 Season

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