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Software Version Control

What is it?

Why is it important?

Have you ever run into the situation where:

  • <Insert favorite programmer's name> is home sick with the only copy of code that makes the swerve drives work correctly?
  • Windows decided to start an update that seems like it will take 7 hours and your robot needs to be updated for the match starting in 1 hour?
  • The hard drive fails on your trusty laptop that is held together with energy drink stickers?
  • Kyle made a change and now absolutely nothing works but you don't know what he did?

These are a few scenarios we avoid by using a distributed (read - working code lives on many computers with history) version control system.

Having code readily available for anyone to use, and a documented history of the changes you made is critical to both build season and gameday.

How we do version control?

We use GIT. To get a basic understanding of GIT, try reading Understanding Git (part 1) — Explain it Like I’m Five


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